Swimming pools and water features

Atolli Oy has worked with swimming pools and water features for over five decades. We serve from the designing to installation and maintenance. Our skilled installation team and efficient service are at your service. Our services are used by swimming centers, spas, private persons, nursing homes, gyms, hotels, cruisers, housing managers, real estate companies etc.


We want to be the best watertreatment contractor in Finland. Our experienced intallers and quality products guarantee a good result. When the project is ready we start the system and do the final inspection with the customer. If necessary, we train users in the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment and take care of the correct instructions for care and use.

If you install yourself, please follow the instructions.


Regular care and maintenance will keep your pool functional for a long time. High-quality maintenance prevents damage and interferences. When the pool is well maintained, it is energy efficient and water consumption is reduced. It is therefore worth investing in maintenance and care. In return, you get a safer, healthier, more functional and energy-efficient swimming pool.

We maintain equipment for swimming pools and fountains. We clean the pools, take care of sand changes in the filters and repair the equipment. The professionalism and experience of our staff guarantee competent service. Our goal is a satisfied customer.

A maintenance contract makes pool maintenance easier.

If you wish you can make a maintenance contract with Atolli. As our customer, you can leave the care of the pool completely to our responsibility.

Design and user trainings

Well designed - half done

The job needs to be designed well no matter what the job is. A good design guarantees the right solutions in the right place as well as prevents surprises during construction as well as during the use.

In collaboration with artists, architects, cities and municipal designers, we have implemented projects where the construction has been taken into account at the designing stage. The correct placement of technical equipment is an important part of a functional and economical system. Ease of maintenance is guaranteed by good design.

At the beginning of each project, we map out the situation and make a proposal to our client. At the same time, we assign a project manager who takes care of the project and reports on the progress of the project. Our own expertise and our extensive partner network guarantee a high-quality and affordable plan.

User training

We train users in the maintenance and service tasks of the equipment we install and we take care of the right instructions for care and use.

Sometimes the instructions are lost or maintenance personel are new. Contact us and order user training to avoid mistakes.

Services for professionals

We serve professionals in matters related to swimming pools and water features.

Our services

  • designing and installations
  • pool coatings
  • renovations
  • maintenances
  • maintenance contracts
  • Water treatment upgrades
  • user trainings
  • condition evaluation of swimming pools and equipment

Our services are used by

  • designers and architects
  • hotels, spas, health services and gyms
  • municipalities
  • construction contractors
  • maintenance companies
  • property managers and housing companies
  • inspectioners

Our projects

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